We’ve scientifically formulated a complete line of vet recommended supplements to help you give your dog everything that’s necessary for a healthier, happier life. All in our breakthrough new delivery method that makes it easier, faster, more effective – and less stressful – for both you and your dog. If you’ve ever tried to give your dog a pill or a gel,… then you are familiar with the difficulties.

We think you’ll share the same excitement about this simple innovation that finally makes it easy to give our dogs the vitamins and supplements they need to help keep them healthy and happy.

Our Advanced Chewable Formula is a highly palatable and easy to digest chew for your dog. Proudly manufactured in the USA, our chews contain no grains, gluten, meat-by-products, artificial flavors and colors and comes loaded with our patent pending fast acting dissolving strips that contain K-10+ Formula’s for maximum absorption, optimal health and wellness.

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Manufactured in the USA
Available At Petco