Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of K-10+ Water Soluble Dog Supplements?
K-10+ is the first water supplement delivery system for your dog that allows for up to 90%+ absorption of core ingredients versus 10% for traditional Vitamin, Mineral, and Supplement forms, while promoting rehydration.
What if my dog doesn’t drink all the water, how do I know it’s getting the vitamin supplements it needs?
Not to worry. K-10+ is amazingly 9x more effective than pills and chews because it’s water soluble. So even if your dog doesn’t drink the whole bowl it’s still going to get more of the good stuff.
Why are supplements important to my dog?
Your dog is family too, and you want to take the best care of him or her as you can. K-10+ has been formulated to help ensure your dog has what it takes to live a long, active, and vibrant life.
Is K-10+ ok for cats to drink?
We’ve designed K-10+ to be enjoyed by dogs but if your cat drinks some K-10+ that’s okay too! We’ve even been known to drink k-10+ from time to time.
Do K-10+ products contain any artificial flavors, colors or dyes?
Where can I find K-10+?
You can order K-10+ from Amazon and Chewy.
Can I mix one K-10+ product with another?
Yep. All of our K-10+ products play well together.
Should I use your probiotic products while transitioning my dog to a new diet?
Absolutely you should. Many times dogs may experience upset stomach while a new diet or food is being introduced. Probiotics are a fantastic way to help soothe gastrointestinal unrest and discomforts.

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