Water – The Most Essential Nutrient For Your Dog

labrador drinking - K-10+ Water Soluble Dog Supplements

Water makes up 80% of your dog’s body, and is an essential part of its daily diet in order to maintain proper health. Hydration is at the core of your dog’s biological process and helps promote proper circulation digestion, waste removal, as well as expelling foreign substances from its body.

An active dog can lose double the amount of water compared to an inactive dog, and during warmer months it’s even more critical to keep a close eye on your dog to make sure it stays hydrated.

When your dog exerts itself it’s using energy stored in the muscle and fat cells, and this creates waste that needs to be filtered out of the body. If there is not enough water and nutrients in your dog’s body serious complications can occur. Your canine may have decreased cognitive abilities, muscle ataxia, increased strain on the heart, and an inability to regulate body temperature. Dog’s can easily become dehydrated and lose nourishment simply through playful exercise regardless of the temperature outside.

Because dog’s can’t talk (as much as we wish that they could) the responsibility of providing plenty of water and nutrient replenishment whether at home or on an excursion falls on the owner. Your dog will perform better, is less likely to suffer from depression and will recover quicker from extreme exercise if it has the proper nutrients and hydration.

What tips and tricks do you use to keep your dog hydrated?  Let us know in the comments.