Our Commitment To Quality

K-10+® is proudly manufactured in the USA with premium quality ingredients. Our products are Grain Free, Gluten Free, do NOT contain Meat-By-Products, Artificial Flavors or Colors and are designed to be easily digested by your pet. We have designed our formula’s to exceed guidelines established by the AAFCO and NASC. The NASC Seal The National… Read more »

The Benefits of Supplements For Your Pet

There is little doubt that supplements and vitamins are wonderful for people. So what about supplements and vitamins for dogs? Are they something that you, as a pet owner, should consider for your animals? Do they work for pets in the same way that they work for people? ARE SUPPLEMENTS FOR DOGS NECESSARY? These questions and… Read more »

Why Oral Care Matters

Oral Disease is is the most common disease of dogs and cats and can lead to serious health issues including adverse effects on the kidneys, heart muscle, liver as well as severe pain, bad breath and tooth loss. Prevention of periodontal disease is KEY. By the time moderate-severe disease is present, tooth loss is inevitable and… Read more »

5 Tips To Keep Your Dog Safe This 4th Of July

Tip #1: Keep Your Dog’s Schedule Consistent leading up to July 4th Dogs like predictable routines and the 4th of July is anything but predictable from a dog’s perspective. In the week leading up to the big day, there’s lots of coming and going, meals are prepared and eaten at odd hours and things in… Read more »

Canine Behavior and Daylight Savings

The end of daylight savings time may seem inconsequential or, at worst, an inconvenience as you remember to forward all your clocks and adjust to one less precious hour of sleep. Your dog on the other hand relies solely on his own body clock, or circadian rhythm, to know when it is time to eat, sleep and exercise, and that one hour difference is enough to throw that clock into disarray.