About K-10+

Group of twelve dogs

If you’ve ever tried to give your dog a vitamin, a supplement, a pill, a gel,…we’re already speaking the same language.

We share the same problem. The same stress.  We probably even share the same stories.

So we think you’ll share the same excitement about a simple innovation that finally makes it easy to give our dogs the vitamins and supplements they need to help keep them healthy and happy:

K-10+ supplements for your dog’s water.

Because K-10+ dissolves right there in the water bowl, your dog won’t even know it’s there.

No off-putting taste or smell, no fights, no tricks, no stress, no problem.

And because K-10+ is delivered in water, it’s absorbed faster and more completely than pills or chews. In fact, K-10+ water soluble dog supplements are up to 9 times more effective than ordinary vitamins and supplements.

We’ve scientifically formulated a complete line of vet recommended supplements to help you give your dog everything that’s necessary for a healthier, happier life. All in a breakthrough new form that’s easier, faster, more effective – and less stressful – for both of you.